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NURINDO is the leading digital printing company that produces a wide variety of products
(such as Billboard, backlits, stickers, Flatbed Printing, Standees, installations, etc)
that is greener and environmentally safer as well.

Our Skills, Knowledge, and Resources will accommodate any job that you need.

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NURINDO is the leading digital printing company that produces a wide variety of products.

We are a comprehensive printing company equipped to enhance virtually any item! Allow us to add vibrancy to your surroundings.
And we have consistently strived to provide our clients with peace of mind, assuring them that their work is in capable hands.

We achieve this by fostering a robust partnership, dedicated to providing long-term, relevant solutions that address all your printing needs.



We possess the knowledge and skills to assist you in attaining the desired appearance,
all within a budget that suits your needs.

Wide Format 5 meters Seamless Prints (Frontlit & Double Sided Backlit Vinyl)

Using UV ink and solvent ink Wide Format Printer with 5 meters seamless printing width for Flexy Frontlit Vinyl and Double Sided Flexy Backlit Vinyl printing.
Suitable for Giant Backdrop, Billboard, Neonbox, Banner both vertical banner and horizontal banner, FlagBuilding Wraps using Mesh Vinyl, Outdoor Signage, Political Campaigns, Real Estate/Retail Promotions, Trade Show, Store Front Signage, Retail POS Signs, etc.

UV Flatbed Printing – Rigid Board Direct Printing

Direct UV Flatbed Printing Service in various Rigid Material such as:
PVC Board, Foamcore/Foamboard, Impraboard, Plastic, Foamboard, PVC Board,
Acrylic, Polycarbonates, Aluminum, Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP),
Metal, Stainless Steel, Synthetic Leather, Cardboard,
Tempered Glass, Wood, Multiplex, MDF, HPL, etc.

Latex Ink – Green Printing Solution

Green Printing Solutions uses latex ink, suitable for wallpaper, canvas, fabric printing, and many more.

Digital Cuting Services

DIGITAL CUTTING SERVICE | Utilizing one of the Best Digital Cutting Machines in its class. We use the Esko Kongsberg C-60 digital cutting machine, the top-notch digital cutting machine with a large cutting table size of up to 160cmx320cm, equipped with a conveyor and high-speed motor, enabling us to produce various types of digital cutting more quickly.

Double Sided Backlit Film

We provide double-sided backlit film (printed on both sides on front and back) to reach premium backlit quality. Suitable for neon boxes less than 1.5 meters times 3.20 meters.
Application: Restaurant Menu Neonbox, Window Display, Cosmetic Backlit Sign, Banking Sign, Pylon Sign, Shop sign, etc


Various Stickers for Various Applications, such as: sticker white, sticker blackout, perforated sticker, sandblast sticker, fluorescent/glow in the dark sticker, reflective sticker, super clear sticker, cutting sticker.
Used for decals, retail POS signs, glass stickers, wall stickers, mobile stickers, and other branding purposes.
We also provided with high accuracy cutting machine

Custom Wallpaper

Enviromentally Friendly Wallpaper printed with Latex Ink using HP Latex Printer, create your unique custom wallpaper image.

Building Wraps – Mesh Printing

You can use Vinyl Mesh material for Ceiling Cover, Speaker / Sound Cover, Building Wrap, etc. By using mesh material, the weight becomes lighter and can be penetrated by strong winds.

Fabric Backlit

Fabric printing suitable for easy delivery and installation neon box visual, using special aluminum frame and sewed with silicon at the edge to make easier installation with your own staff without additional installation cost.

Wall Arts

Various Wall arts products for your interior such as wallpaper, canvas artist, slim light box, pop up



Stand Out in Retail: Elevate Your Brand with Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs).

In today’s bustling retail landscape, making your brand stand out is crucial. That’s where Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) come in.

With FSDUs, you have the power to showcase your products in a way that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression. These versatile units offer the flexibility to position your brand exactly where your customers will notice it most, whether it’s in the aisles of a store or at a special event.

Don’t let your products get lost in the crowd. Elevate your brand presence with FSDUs and make a statement that sets you apart from the competition.

Are you ready to make your mark? Let’s talk about how FSDUs can take your brand to the next level.

Standees (Cut Out Standee)

Cut out standee can be formed into various kinds of characters that you want. whether to be a favorite artist figure, athlete, or standee used for various events.

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