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Our Vision

We are creating profitable and sustainable businesses while providing a better working environment for all of us.

Our Mision

Being the company that is always on the front end of newer technology in printing, to achieve better and efficient workflow and to produce higher output to excel in new businesses one step at a time.

At the same time, we also focus on the transition to greener and more energy-efficient machinery to produce higher and better output while improving our world and our living environment for the next generation.

Our Profile

PT. Megah Nurindo Pratama was established in 2000, based in the wonderful city of Jakarta – Indonesia. The archipelago country that stretch beyond 5000 km from Sabang in the west to Mereuke in the east. We are proud of our country and we are building our next generation together locally.

From that start, NURINDO always focused on building a mutual relationship and partnership between ourselves and our clients.

With this, we can build a long-lasting bond that will be beneficial for our businesses together.

We believe that if we understand what our client needs, we can offer a better solution. that way, we can build a win-win situation for us and our clients together.

As a result, at this moment Nurindo has become the leading printer in producing ultra-wide format, high-quality prints for both indoor and outdoor applications with fast turnaround and uncompromisingly high-quality results.

We have the skills, knowledge, and resources to design, prepress, and print a wide range of products suited to your requirements, from cozy home-use prints, and family photo canvas prints, to sophisticated advertising products that are complex yet meaningful.

We provide any wide format printing output in a broad media selection such as vinyl, self-adhesive sticker, rigid substrate, fabric, canvas, etc.
We cover a variety of products large or small, standard or customized in a one-stop solution.

Join our journey and be our partner to achieve a higher goal together with us.

Nurindo, we are your SOLUTION PARTNER in printing.


What We Do

A to Z Digital Printing Solutions.


Do not have any design ideas? Do you need ideas to create a good design? We will be happy to help you with the design.

Just tell us your needs, and we are ready to do magic for you.

UV Flatbed Printing

Direct printing uv flatbed onto rigid material such as impraboard, PVC board, glass, wood, etc.

Installation / Aplicator

Providing you not only printing production, but also an installation team. Printing and wrapping a massive skyscraper, or creating a spectacular windowscape, our project managers will ensure you nail every deadline and achieve the flawless execution that you brand deserves.

Wide Format Printing

Printing onto a wide variety of rigid and flexible materials producing stunning, high-quality images with high productivity. Producing indoor and outdoor print across a range of applications more efficiently than any other print process.

Digital Cutting

Offering you complete cutting solutions for a wide range of material, such as: Corrugated Board, Impraboard / PP Board, Foamboard, PVC Board, Sticker, Wood / Multiplex, and many more.

NURINDO is the leading digital printing company that produces a wide variety of products.


Wide Format 5 meters Seamless Prints

Using UV ink and Solvent ink Wide Format Printer with 5 meters seamless printing width for Frontlit Vinyl and Backlit Vinyl printing. Suitable for Giant Backdrop, Billboard, Neonbox, etc.

UV Flatbed Printing – Rigid Board Direct Printing

Direct UV Flatbed Printing Service in various Material such as: Impraboard, Foamboard, PVC Board, Acrylic, Aluminum, Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), HPL, Stainless Steel, Synthetic Leather, etc.

Double Sided Backlit Film

We provide double sided backlit film (printed both side on front and back) to reach premium backlit quality. Suitable for neonbox less than 1.5 meters times 3.20 meters. Application : Restaurant Menu Neonbox, Window Display, Cosmetic Backlit Sign, Banking Sign, Pylon Sign, Shop sign, etc


Various Stickers for Various Application, such as: sticker white, sticker blackout, perforated sticker, sandblast sticker, fluorescent/glow in the dark sticker, reflective sticker, super clear sticker, cutting sticker. Used for glass sticker, wall sticker, mobile sticker, and other branding purpose. We also provided with high accuracy cutting machine

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