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Backlit Film / Duratrans

Backlit Film (usually called duratrans) | is mostly used by fashion, cosmetic, and perfume brands for its high-resolution details.

Duratrans printing involves utilizing translucent materials for large format printing. The term “Duratrans” is a combination of “durable” and “transparency.” It finds frequent application in backlit signage and window displays.

Duratrans printing is an excellent option for backlit signage and window displays, as it produces vibrant and bright images. The light passing through the print illuminates it, ensuring it catches attention effectively. Advertisers aim for their ads to stand out and garner more impressions, and Duratrans printing facilitates this objective. Moreover, this printing method boasts durability, capable of withstanding significant wear and tear.

For those seeking a durable and high-quality large format printing solution, Duratrans proves to be an excellent option.

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