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Billboard Printing

Frontlit & Backlit Vinyl Double Sided Print

Printed with Wide Format 5 meters Seamless Prints
With UV Ink and Solvent Ink for Frontlit and Backlit Vinyl Double Sided Printing, Suitable for Giant Backdrop, Billboard, Banner, Etc

For many years, billboard printing has stood at the forefront of outdoor advertising, and we were among the pioneers in Indonesia to introduce digital wide format billboard poster printing.

We’ve maintained our position as an industry leader, continuously setting higher standards. Understanding the need for instant impact and response, we ensure the highest resolution in digital large format printing to deliver an impressive final product.

Despite the intense competition in the billboard industry, there are numerous benefits and lucrative rewards. With the right design and top-notch graphics, you can create a captivating product that grabs the attention of a broad audience and effectively communicates your brand message.

Billboards also capitalize on the fact that many people travel the same routes repeatedly, ensuring repeated exposure to your message.

They remain a timeless advertising technique for a simple reason – They Deliver Results.

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